Captain Jack of Alameda Commands the Estuary

Michel Michel

Boat owner Paul Lorenz doesn’t get away with much under the watchful gaze of Captain Jack, an Easter duck that considers Paul a part of his family.

Local duck runs a tight ship

Living on a boat has it challenges, but with an odd couple such as Captain Jack and Paul Lorenz, they make it work while enjoying the pirate life. You may see the two riding their old-school bike around the Island or possibly cruising around in a vehicle, with Captain Jack receiving odd looks while riding in the passenger's seat.

The odd couple I speak of consists of Lorenz and Captain Jack (also known as Captain Jack of Alameda), a Khacky Campbell known as the Einstein of all ducks. Yep, Captain Jack is a duck, and what a precious beauty.

Lorenz owns his a sailboat; but Captain Jack runs the ship. Captain Jack considers Lorenz his first mate, and consequently has Lorenz running around doing all the work.

"To make things easier, and for the sake of peace while I am aboard, I take orders from Captain Jack," he says.

Captain Jack stays up on deck and surveys his sailing vessel. Every now and then, he sticks his head down below, and asks if everything is okay. Lorenz will tell Captain Jack that all is well, and Jack walks back around the sailing vessel the other way from whence he came, and eventually gets back to the other side of the cabin to see check in down below again. What a great guard duck!

Captain Jack has his own idea for an upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. First, and most important: Why have a parrot, when a duck is a far better pirate pet? Ducks were born to be around water.

Apparently, Johnny Depp was seen in the Bay Area promoting his new movie a few months ago. Depp tweeted from a Berkeley restaurant that he was dining on duck. How rude! Alameda's own Captain Jack read this and was quack-less.

Captain Jack has been a wonderful pet ...We have a very special bond.

— First Mate Paul Lorenz

Captain Jack is willing to forgive and forget, and would accept an apology from Depp as long as Captain Jack from Alameda has a cameo as the real Captain Jack in one of Depp's upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movies, trade autographed pictures, or simply an autographed picture of Depp.

All joking aside, Captain Jack and Lorenz really do watch DVDs and TV together, (guess who picks the movie) and are looking forward to the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Captain Jack has been a bachelor for six years now. His ideal shipmate would be a female mallard, boat friendly, vegetarian, and like the band Collective Soul. He has looked on the web at "Match," but has yet to find his dream duck.

His hobbies are watching the director's cut of any movie, stretching daily, working out with onelegged stances of duck yoga, swimming, sailing, dining on fine tomatoes, bike riding, attending rock shows, and sharing his bread with fellow birds of all races.

He is saving for his dream ship, a 47-foot Vagabond. Then Captain Jack will have all of his ducks in a row.

Captain Jack is six years old and met Lorenz at a pet store around the Easter holidays. It was love (or imprinting, as biologists call it) at first sight. "Having a duck aboard does have its challenges, but this has been kept under the radar: They make great pets. Captain Jack has been a wonderful pet and very entertaining. We have a very special bond.

"Being shipmates with Captain Jack has its own social attraction, and he is looked upon by other birds as a very lucky duck," said first mate Lorenz, "Every duck has a mother; please don't eat duck."

You can contact Captain Jack at his very own email address: captain This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



0 #1 Lisa in Sparks, NV. 2012-05-28 18:48
This article totally "quacked me up!!!!" What a priceless pair Capt. Jack & Lorenz - Happy "Sails" to you!!!

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