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Make No Bones about Osteoporosis Prevention

If you want to live a long, active, independent life, maintaining healthy bones should rate near the top of your priority list. That's because a condition causing porous, fragile bones — called osteoporosis — can strike at any age.

New Year’s Resolutions — One Month Later

Every year it's the same story. In the midst of holiday high spirits, we pledge to ourselves, and those near and dear, that we will be making some positive changes in the upcoming 12 months. Big changes, lifesaving changes, changes we secretly dread but feel compelled to attempt "one more time.

Q&A with Pete Stark

At his town meeting at City Hall in December, residents submitted questions to Congressman Pete Stark in writing about what's being done to ensure good elder care. The Alameda Sun got this answer back from Stark. Alameda has a high proportion of residents over 65.

Hangover Headache

Throughout the year, many people look forward to celebrating the holiday season with family and friends. While these times can be joyous, they can also provide the opportunity to drink more alcohol than usual, which can cause the onset of a hangover headache.

Thy Deep and Dreamless Sleep

Deep, dreamless sleep may be one of those things you take for granted — that is, until it eludes you and you’re forced to pay attention.

How much sleep we need varies greatly by age and from individual to individual. Newborns can sleep away three-fourths of the day. Toddlers and preschoolers need 11 to 14 hours of sleep each day.

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