Down We Go, Into the Wild Green Hither

Carrie Beavers

Forget the Red Baron. It was Mother Nature who knocked the emblematic Douglas A-4 Skyhawk off its stand at Alameda Point over the weekend.

Fierce winds from a winter storm snapped several mounting bolts connecting the plane to its stand, ditching the pilot-less plane onto the turf.

An eyewitness reported that the plane suffered little noticeable damage.

Officials from PM Realty Group, which manages parts of the former Naval Air Station, retrieved the errant Skyhawk Monday morning and moved the diminutive "attack bomber" to a warehouse on the base.

Officials from the company, the city and the U.S. Navy are determining who will be responsible for re-installing the plane.

The first A-4 Skyhawk was delivered to the Navy in 1956. The planes were removed from Navy service in 1975, although the Marines kept them in service for about another decade.


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