Oakland Favorite Plays Alameda

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Inside every human is a natural compulsion to the honest and the real. Oakland-based folk-rock band Dear Indugu embodies these primal desires in their lyrics and sound. Having played with bands such as The Bittersweets and Cake, Dear Indugu has announced that they will be playing a more intimate set here in Alameda tomorrow evening with multiple Alameda artists.

Front man, lyricist and acoustic guitarist, Jesse Strickman, is no stranger to performing in Alameda. A regular act at the Alameda Cineplex's "Alameda's Got Talent," Strickman has built quite a reputation here for himself and the band.

Strickman's lyrics weave through the melodies telling a specific story referencing the unavoidable joy and pain of growing up and growing strong. Strickman does say that each person or place he mentions is real and has an undeniable connection to his life.

Guitarist Joshua Owings provides the steady, electric melody which rounds out the sound. Bassist Van Jackson-Weaver provides a backbone to the tracks while Drummer Chris Nishimoto experiments with various styles and rhythms.

Dear Indugu will be performing with popular Alameda musicians 7 p.m., Friday, July 29, at the High Street Station, 1303 High St. (at Encinal Avenue).


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