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Russo to present Alameda Point plan

At Tuesday's city council meeting City Manager John Russo presented a plan to help the city determine the future of Alameda Point. "With the city poised to become the property owner of significant parts of the Alameda Point property by the end of this year, the next logical step is to decide how the city will facilitate the development of the property," Russo stated in the staff report he presented to the council.

The report suggested dividing the 918-acre Alameda Point into three parcels. The first, the adaptive reuse area, would consist primarily of the Naval Air Station Alameda Historic District where the city's commercial leasing program is currently concentrated. The second, the northern area, home to the "Big Whites" is a predominantly residential neighborhood. Plans call for a variety of housing types and a smaller retail store complemented by urban gardens and parks.

The southern area, that stretches away from the USS Hornet and the ships of the Maritime Administration (MARAD) fleet consists of land that the report calls "well-suited for attracting new commercial development and maritime users." The staff report states that "based on discussions with developers, brokers and economic consultants, this area of Alameda Point is best suited for attracting a major 'buildto- suit' commercial or institutional end user similar to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's second campus concept."

The report proposes that the city provide upfront funding for the entitlement effort for each of the areas. This way, the report states, the city would maintain control over the planning process and avoid entering into a premature exclusive relationship with a developer. Should the city fund the project from the start, clearer business deals with future developer partners could be established.


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