<p>UPDATE: Circulation is temporarily reduced due to COVID-19. Call 510-263-1471 for more information, or email&nbsp;<a href="mailto:delivery@alamedasun.com">delivery@alamedasun.com</a></p>

<p><strong>Welcome to the&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>!</strong></p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;is Alameda’s only independently owned and operated newspaper founded in 2001. The paper&nbsp;is owned by Alameda resident Eric J. Kos and Oakland resident Dennis Evanosky. Home-delivered every Thursday to subscribers with a current circulation of 3,000, the&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;prides itself on focusing solely on Alameda news, events, people and causes. With annual deliveries to every mailbox in town, the Sun is&nbsp;the most widely circulated news source in the city of Alameda.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;mission is to&nbsp;convey the Alameda experience, both past and present, through an informative, financially viable community newspaper, in print and online.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;offers many opportunities for the residents of Alameda to give voice to their opinions and experiences, with commentaries, letters to the editor and&nbsp;interactive features such as The Sun Shines Everywhere, .</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;strives to feature well-written local stories with humor, sensitivity and style, and aims to provide the first rough draft of history for current and future Island residents.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;is the only publication in Alameda to regularly cover local business, religion, technology, boats/maritime, historic homes / architectural preservation and complete crime reporting, among other unique features including local columnists.</p>

<p>Our staff of passionate professionals possess more than 70 years of combined experience in the newspaper industry.</p>

<p><strong>Contributions to Alameda/Community Involvement</strong></p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;is a tireless supporter of Alameda community causes and the local business community.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;has donated ad space to local school fundraisers and to organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Girls Inc. and The Friends of the Parks, as well as regular ad donations to the Chamber of Commerce, PSBA, GABA and WABA events.</p>

<p>Employees of the&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;have volunteered their time for Art in the Park, Run for the Parks, Webster&nbsp;Jam, Art &amp; Wine and the Spring Festival.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;supports local public and private schools&nbsp;has contributed plants and equipment to several school gardens and hosted students as part of Groundhog Job Shadow Day.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;has donated to create an Alameda-based tree-planting program, Project Tree, in partnership with Alameda Backyard Growers.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;often features student-written articles and poetry, as well as in-depth regular education news coverage.</p>

<p>Sun staffers have volunteered at local schools (preschool through high school), giving demonstrations and talks about the newspaper business, and participated in the Principal for a Day event.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun&nbsp;</em>continues to promote and support local businesses in every way possible, with creative ad campaigns, group rates and collaborations.</p>

<h3><strong>Alameda as the Locale for our Business</strong></h3>

<p>There is no other possible location for the&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;besides the beautiful Island City of Alameda. The owners saw a niche in their own town for all-local news coverage and sought to fill it.</p>

<p>The past years have&nbsp;shown that we have done what we promised in our first issue: to give Alamedans (not Piedmonters or San Leandrans or any other city’s residents) the local news and fun tidbits about Alameda kids, Alameda neighbors and Alameda neighborhoods – both ends of the Island and Bay Farm, too – in a family-friendly format and with the best caliber of writing possible.</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;was created for the people of Alameda, to help keep them informed of what is going on in their city.</p>

<p>Our aim has always been to promote the Island, and we have made this our first priority, at great personal expense and sacrifice.</p>

<p>We hope that our efforts at the&nbsp;<em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em>&nbsp;have actually affected people’s lives in Alameda&nbsp;and will continue to do so in the future.</p>

<p>We don’t intend to make history for future generations, but we do mean to record it.</p>

<p><strong>List of Awards</strong></p>

<li><em><strong>Alameda&nbsp;Sun, 2013 Award of Recognition,</strong></em>&nbsp;For partnership and generous support in the fight against cancer, Relay for Life</li>
<li><em><strong>Alameda&nbsp;Sun, 2011 Noah Award,</strong></em>&nbsp;In recognition of service to the Alameda Animal Shelter and the pets that reside therein</li>
<li><em><strong>Alameda&nbsp;Sun 2005 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest,</strong></em>&nbsp;For Public Service in reference to coverage of Washington School artwork</li>
<li><em><strong>Alameda&nbsp;Sun 2004 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest,</strong></em>&nbsp;For Columns Commentary and Criticism in columns by Julia Park</li>
<li><em><strong>Alameda&nbsp;Sun 2003 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest,</strong></em>&nbsp;For Public Service in reference to Alameda being called the most racist city in America</li>
<li><strong><em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em></strong><strong>, 2002 New Business of the Year Award</strong>&nbsp;- Alameda Chamber of Commerce</li>
<li><strong><em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em></strong><strong>, Community Partner Recognition Award</strong>&nbsp;- Alameda Civic Light Opera</li>
<li><strong><em>Alameda&nbsp;Sun</em></strong><strong>, Outstanding Coverage of Local Arts Events and Arts Issues</strong>&nbsp;- Alameda City Arts Council</li>