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Dear Kay, Thank you for your support and kind words (“We’ve got Ash covered,” Jan. 16). Your gift subscription is much appreciated. It arrived a little late, as I immediately took care of paying my own subscription, so you are now paid up for next year. 

Dear Rudy, I’m sorry you took my remarks personally (“Going to the dogs,” Jan 2). Keep on rambling. 


Ashley Jones

Who here in Alameda is an A’s fan? Then you know about the ballpark the A’s want to build at Howard Terminal near Jack London Square. But have you thought about how you’ll travel to the game?

The proposed new stadium will likely draw thousands of Alameda A’s fans through the Posey and Webster tubes, exacerbating traffic and congestion there. We know there won’t be any more car bridges, but city planners are considering a bike and pedestrian bridge to Jack London Square. The A’s could play a pivotal role in making the bridge happen.  

Imagine entire families riding along Alameda’s growing network of protected bikeways then crossing the estuary on a beautiful bridge to get to the game. No worries about traffic, parking or transit fares — just fresh air and fabulous scenery. Getting there would be half the fun!

But the A’s need to hear from us!  Ask them to coordinate efforts with Oakland and Alameda city staff to make the bridge a reality. We know they care what Alamedans think. Write to Dave Kaval and let him know you and your family want to bike to the new stadium on the Oakland-Alameda Bike-Ped Bridge at president@athletics.com. Or call the A’s at 638-4900 and tell them you’re looking forward to biking over the bridge to the games.

Or, come to the Fan Fest this Saturday, Jan. 25, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Jack London Square and talk to the A’s about the bridge.  You can point over the estuary to Alameda to show them what a great idea it is!


Pat Potter

How much more can taxpayers be asked to pay, before even more voters give up and move to a more tax-friendly state? Measure A is asking voters to pay $0.265 per building square foot. On a 1,600-square-foot home that would amount to $426 per year on top of the $276.68 we are now paying for schools! 

The tax is supposed to last for seven years, but if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. (Have you ever seen taxes go down or go away?) I was originally told the $300 hospital parcel tax would last just three years, only to find out after it passed it would go on forever! 

How much more can taxpayers endure, before they “kill the goose that laid the golden egg?” I urge voters to vote “no” on Measure A.


Ed Payne