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They have not learned a thing about emergency management. After more than a month has passed, the victims of the Butte County fire will still be looking for shelter, just like in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. 

It does not need to be this way. California residents or anyone affected by any disaster should have the dignity of a shelter. And, yes, that does also include the homeless.

We have all the resources to make emergency shelters at a reasonable cost. Simply convert unused or decommissioned containers into emergency housing. Cut windows and doors, insulate them, add shared heating, air conditioning and bathrooms. 

When not in use, simply stack them up ready for the next emergency.

Excuses like, we do not have the labor or, it will be too costly can be solved when we consider the surplus of skilled and unskilled prisoners. Put them to work. Give them true rehabilitation and a purpose in life as productive members of society instead of refining their lifestyles in over-crowded jails and prisons.

At the time I wrote this letter, officials said it will take 15 more days for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to dispatch the trailers they have in storage in Sacramento. 

This will make it longer than a month after the emergency started. Taxpayers paid $330 billion in federal taxes, for what? All around us we hear about the shortage of firefighters, police, crumbling infrastructure and health care. 

Some here say do not blame the unions, but where is our leadership? At lunch in Las Vegas? Election campaigns are over, it’s time to step up to the plate and deliver.



Joel Rambaud


I support the proposal by Marriott to build an upscale hotel and restaurant along the water- front in the Harbor Bay Business Park. The proposed Marriott Residence Inn at the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal is in an excellent location that takes advantage of the ferry service, Alameda’s beautiful waterfront and is accessed by car along Harbor Bay Parkway next to the business park. It will provide an area for residents and visitors to enjoy the Bay waterfront without leaving the city.

As a resident of Harbor Bay, I believe the hotel is a welcome addition to our community which currently does not have a hotel that I can recommend to family or friends. In addition, this hotel will provide much-needed conference space for businesses and local organizations that currently have to leave the city to find a venue for their meetings and fund-raising activities. 

The planned restaurant provides additional fine dining options for the residents of Harbor Bay and the entire Alameda community. The open space, as well as the biking and walking paths are open to the public to provide continued use of the open space along the bay. 

As an island community with a beautiful waterfront, Alameda has not yet taken full advantage of that waterfront. 

This project provides that opportunity and will provide substantial tax revenue which, as a city, we desperately need if we want to produce more revenue for our infrastructure and schools. 

There are so many advantages to this hotel project that I urge the residents of Alameda to support the proposal, and the Planning Board to approve it. 

Carole Robie

Dear Alameda Planning Board members:
The Bay Area Council, a business-sponsored, public policy advocacy organization for the nine-county Bay Area, supports the Harbor Bay Marriott Residence Inn. 

The council proactively advocates for a strong economy, a vital business environment and a better quality of life for everyone who lives here. 

The Harbor Bay Marriott Residence Inn would add 172 much-needed hotel rooms for residents and out-of-town guests with panoramic views of San Francisco Bay. This hotel is estimated to generate $1.5 million in tax revenue to the City of Alameda, along with 85 new permanent jobs and 250 construction jobs. 

The hotel will improve the community by including a restaurant and coffee shop, as well as green space for the public to access. The Bay Area Council is excited to see that Harbor Bay Marriott will be utilizing modular off-site construction to cut down wasted materials, noise and time to build. 

The Bay Area Council encourages you to support this project , which will improve the economic vitality of Alameda. Thank you. 

Matt Regan Senior Vice President, Public Policy, Bay Area Council