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My brain has been dry of poems for all these hot rainless months.
Now I sit on these keys and stare at the screen of grainy light.
In the distance I feel that I can almost see the groves that grow my verses
I wish I could hoist myself over the wall below the screen and crawl into the document
If I was closer to the words perhaps they wouldn’t seem so foreign
I would hop from letter to letter without the fear of falling through
Without the fear of writing something rotten
My brain has been dry of poems for all these hot rainless months
Perhaps there is no hope for the once fresh fruits that lived inside my head

— Star

Editor: I have enjoyed your paper, and we have donated to support it, since we moved to Alameda about 4 years ago. Lately, though, like all other media outlets, I find it one-sided, contributing to the divides on too many issues.

In particular, this week, the cartoon on Ivermectin was reflective of looking no deeper than the headlines and implying anyone considering Ivermectin is an idiot. Yes, using Ivermectin intended for animals is a bad idea, as is using the wrong dose. But this is a medicine that has been used widely on humans, and it has an excellent safety record (when prescribed appropriately). It is not a cure-all for COVID-19, but it has been proven extremely helpful in keeping things manageable, particularly if used with early symptoms.

I know of medical doctor who has been using it this way with huge success (zero hospitalizations), and I know directly of a man over 65 on oxygen before ever getting COVID -19 who used it and never had to go to the hospital. In regard to that, he went to his doctor who told him to go home and then go to the hospital if his lips turn blue or he has trouble breathing. He was stunned that this is our conventional early treatment advice.

His daughter, who I know, shared the information at the link below, and he agreed to try Ivermectin, which his other daughter, a doctor, prescribed. He felt a level of relief quickly and never had to go to the hospital.

It is ridiculous that we are not routinely using this and/or monoclonal antibodies for early treatment. This, combined with vaccines for those who want them, would be a game changer. Your cartoonist should look further than the headlines. He or she is ill-informed on what Ivermectin is all about, and cartoons like that, mocking something that could be useful, are not helpful. For more info, please see the link below and dig into the research a bit more.

— Lauren Picciani

Editor: We have come to the end of the line. California, not so long ago, had a booming aerospace industry, the most productive agriculture in the world, with the most advanced water delivery system in the world. It had arguably the best educational system in country. San Francisco was the gem of the state, a magnificent city, and the whole Bay Area bustled with life and industry.

What happened? How do we now have shantytowns everywhere, open-air drug-dealing, public defecation, and organized shoplifting that goes unpunished? Plus water shortages, electric power shortages, and much of the state burning up — 1.6 million acres so far this year. Of course, we can’t blame all of this on Gavin Newsom; these problems have been developing over decades. But they are solvable problems.

Newsom is a tool of the privileged elite that has run the state in the wrong direction ever since the flower power generation took over in the 1960s. What happened to governors like Pat Brown who built the state water project?

Now, scare propaganda is being pumped out about the terrible consequences that will result if Newsom is removed. Do you believe it? This is not about one party vs. the other. Both Democrats and Republicans have played a part in the wrecking of California. Now it will take some creative leaders from both parties to fix it.

Whether it’s Elder, or Paffrath, or Gallucci, or someone else, there are some serious people with fresh ideas and energy to turn this state around. Let’s help them do it.

-Hunter Cobb