In support of Anne


As a retired Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) principal, parent of three AUSD graduates and, more importantly, an Alameda community member, I heartily support Anne McKereghan for the City of Alameda Board of Education. I have known her since her daughter was a student at Encinal High School. She so valued her daughter’s positive experience at Encinal, it created her desire to give back, not only to the students of Encinal, but the entire AUSD community.

I have observed Anne dedicate time and energy to much-needed parcel tax efforts to benefit our students and employees. Her tireless efforts have helped the underfunded AUSD. 

Anne’s ability to make difficult decisions, coupled with her courage to stand up for her convictions characterize her strengths as a Board of Education member. I have observed Anne’s willingness to devote her time and energy as a board member the last two years and I know that effort will continue.

The most important task of any board member is to assure the fiscal stability of a school district —  quite a challenge today with limited state funds coupled with the needs of our deserving employees and the continual effort to improve achievement for all students. Anne is up to this challenge.

I am all in with Anne as an AUSD Board of Education member. I believe you should be, too.


Bill Sonneman