Commentary set us back


At a time where we’re all sick of the hateful tenor of politics in this country, it was incredibly disappointing to see the commentary from Gaby Dolphin (“Let’s Meet ‘the Kevins,’” Oct. 25). Neither of us have ever met her but she didn’t hesitate to (by her own admission) use “some oral history” to conveniently place us in a box and label us as she sees fit.

Dolphin’s piece and all the vile mailers we’ve all received in recent weeks are huge steps backwards from restoring civility to our local political scene. Two years ago we ran for re-election and won in a landslide. Alameda voters know we have integrity, present accurate information and work on behalf of the entire community. We stand by our record.

And we stand by our endorsements of Robert Matz and Tony Daysog for City Council. Both would bring the intelligence, independence and fiscal responsibility that our local government needs.


Kevin Kennedy, City Treasurer & Kevin Kearney, City Auditor