Hard to say which mayor was more correct

Who is correct, former Mayor Trish Spencer or Alameda Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft? (“Point, Counterpoint” April 4, Election Section) The problem for voters is that both were correct. Measure A will help the homeless (Ashcraft) and it will bring homeless people from outside the city (Spencer).  

We would be rewarded with a feeling that we are helping people who need help, and subjected to a loss of quality of life in our city, especially around the proposed facility. Yes, Alameda city homeless will probably benefit from the drop-in clinic, but anyone from Alameda County is invited.  

Low-income seniors would be eligible for housing which will be apportioned, presumably based on population or need, among all Alameda County communities.  Relatively few Alameda city seniors would get one of these units. We would be doing something to help, and it would not be free.

It was so difficult to decide how to vote. Look around at the heart-rending, shuffling, staring individuals in dirty and tattered clothing. Was this the opportunity to help them? On the other hand, we pass littered homeless encampments at our doorstep in nearby cities. That surely is a problem we would have to live with. 

There was no easy answer. I, for one, closed my eyes and marked my ballot.


Roger Ecker