Estuary is not a toilet

The fact that people recommend Nautilus Data Technologies pipe its heated discharge water across Alameda and into the “less environmentally sensitive Oakland Estuary” only reinforces and perpetuates the urban myth that this estuary is little more than an open sewer (“Environmentalist Proposes Safer Discharge Route,” May 30). 

As a resident living along this waterway I can testify that a great variety of animal life call it home. We witness sea lion, bass and herring fry feeding as far east as the High Street Bridge. Bike paths and marinas share the waterfront. The tidal flow maintains navigability for barges and boats, even racing crews from UC Berkeley and Oakland Strokes. It is not any longer just a dump for waste or waste water. 

Also of note: Unless Nautilus Data has received dispensation from a higher authority, it should not be assumed that Bay Conservation and Development Commission and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have no interest or authority in the Oakland Estuary. We have personally a 15-year history of navigating the regulatory maze of management to keep our structures and slips in compliance.   

That Nautilus Data Technologies may be a boon to the economic master plan for Alameda should not give them license to meddle in the already fragile water temperature balances of our lives.   


Ron Valentine