Looking to change the anti-human climate

Thank you Edward Malik for helping to clear the fog of the climate change fanatics! Your letter, (“Whoa! Alameda is not about drown,” May 23) was much appreciated. I might add a few points from my own point of view.

That carbon-dioxide levels have been increasing is not in dispute, and human activity is a major contributor to this. However, the notion that human-created carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global temperature rise is very much in dispute among climatologists. Data favored hypotheses. The Climate Change industry is big business — estimated by the Climate Change Business Journal to be $1.5 trillion per year. This determines things like who gets grants and who gets published.

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science, not a bastion of climate skepticism, as far as I know, has done sea-level studies for several decades at many coastal locations around the U.S., including Alameda. They project a sea-level rise here of 8 centemeters (3.15 inches)  by 2050 above the 1992 level — not something to be too worried about.

My biggest concern is that the incessant onslaught of “environmentalist” propaganda is indoctrinating our children with a very negative view of human beings —that everything we do is despoiling pristine nature. It is the nature of human beings to transform the physical world, and to discover principles of how the universe works in order to make it better, by improving the conditions of life for ourselves and future generations. 

We need a culture that encourages children to develop their minds and abilities to make scientific and other discoveries. Toward that end, I highly recommend a recent four-minute NASA video about the newly announced mission to return to the moon with a man and a woman by 2024. You can find the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl6jn-DdafM&t=19s.


Hunter Cobb