Please consider our veterans

One Vet One Voice is an organization that assists veterans by providing resources and services for health care, housing, employment and education. As a veteran, founder and CEO of One Vet One Voice, I am proud to be in a position where I can help my brothers and sisters transition back to life as civilians.

And although this transition can be difficult, it is made far easier when employers make a commitment to hiring veterans. It demonstrates their level of appreciation for our men and women in uniform as well as their understanding of what a transition to civilian life entails.

T-Mobile is one company that stands out. Not only do they have a goal of hiring 10,000 veterans and military family members over five years, but also have been recognized as a top military-friendly employer for their guaranteed pay plan, benefits for leave, training and deployment.

That’s why I am fully supportive of T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint. Their plans to deploy a fast 5G network will encourage innovation and lead to new employment opportunities for veterans and their families. T-Mobile has already stated that upon completion of the merger, they will be adding 1,000 new jobs at a customer call center in Kingsburg, Calif.

This merger is good for California, and T-Mobile has been a strong supporter of veterans and military families. I believe this is a merger we should all get behind.


Eduardo “Eddie” Ramirez