Another Rodeo

Jamestown , Town center , South shore , same rodeo.
When Jamestown took over the shopping center much to the delight of the former owners which had done their home work and studies , when the Center was build on decomposing matter , it was the golden era of the shopping center they are no longer a viable business mainly due to the internet which has put out of business countless shopping center across the nation .
As business people , they did mot do their basic homework , the Point was coming in line with it's own shopping center a direct competition to south shore, it does not require a university degree should you add another shopping center on the island as we are an ISLAND your revenue will go down , you bought yourself a lemon .
South shore belong where it come from the landfill it is build on , for the one of us which were around in 1989 you will recall the parking lot which were nothing else but spider web like cracked pavement oozing decomposing matters as well as countless building in the area with cracked foundation , like the former Safeway now Ross .
Now they want to built multi story residential on absolutely the worst structural ground , the City "You and Me" will have to assume the costs since the City would have signed off on the project. assume the costs.
Extreme oversight and vigilance will be required .
as far as Adding more residence , it is a noble idea , can anyone explain how they will get off the island , 10 years ago at rush hours the back up was less than a block now almost all day it is backed up until central Ave , So yes the younger generation will scratch their head and ask which brainless did that . Money did . time to revise housing density before the City become the bay Bridge.
Speaking of density we are building in every corner , are the Emergency services being kept up to date as is the ratio of Police officer Firemen EMT went down it is basic need which will impact negatively the City .

Joel Rambaud