City-wide yard sale on tap for early next year

Dennis & Eric:
Thank you so much for including me in the 2020 Alameda Sun Anniversary plans to coordinate the first-ever Alameda city-wide spring yard sale. 

As an Alameda resident and East Bay Realtor, I enjoy offering helpful services to my Alameda neighbors and organized three multi-family yard sales this past summer. What a great time we had with more than 55 families participating to sell their stuff and make some serious dough — some families made more than $500 in one day!

My team and I are busy making lists of sponsors for this city-wide extravaganza, and hope to get hundreds and hundreds of families involved in the fun! All Alameda residents are invited to join in the fun to get rid of some stuff and make some money! There will be a small entrance fee, (TBD), which will go directly to help the Alameda Sun and Girls Inc. of the Island City. 

In the meantime, families who may be interested in joining this spring’s 2020 City-Wide Yard Sale Extravaganza can visit my site to get an idea of how this gigantic yard sale party will go, or call me directly at 846-5695 for more details.

Thanks again, Eric and Dennis, for providing detailed and un-biased news to all of Alameda. Here’s to another 20 informative years!


Dede Tabor