Now we’re cooking with gas, but not long

The Alameda Sun informed us that Alameda Municipal Power could be affected by Pacific Gas & Electric’s public safety power shutdowns (PSPS) (“Some Insights on Island’s Hometown Power Supply,”) Nov. 7. Most Sun readers probably know someone affected by the most recent PSPS, but who managed to cook and have hot water because their appliances used natural gas. This points out a problem in Alameda’s planning for resiliency.

In its recently approved Climate Action and Resiliency Plan, Alameda recognized that new buildings should be all-electric and that they should encourage owners of existing buildings to replace gas-powered appliances with electric appliances (“City to Phase out Use of Natural Gas,” Nov. 14). For this to be really acceptable, people will have to know that their electric power is as certain as natural gas. Alameda Municipal Power needs to put into place measures that will insure that Alameda will have electric power even in the case of future PSPSs.


Wade Greene