Let’s try a ranked primary

I was able to see Amy Klobuchar speak Nov. 14 in San Carlos. She seems down to earth. But it now seems mayors get more things done than senators, so should it be, P-Pete Buttigieg, VP-Klobuchar? 

Buttigieg seems red-hot smart, Klobuchar feels like salt of the earth, she has solid values, Senatorial experience, with friends on both sides of the aisle. She and John McCain were good friends. We should get back to the style of governing that made America great, and leave this tragic, greed-driven, made-for-TV, drama-style politics. I think the two could be a powerful pair. It could help win the middle states, the farm states and more purple ground.

In my opinion, these two are not as extreme as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but I still wonder if America can elect a woman or a gay man president.

I wish we had a ranked Democratic primary where we could vote our heart first, and then our head. Feel me?


David Kirwin