Alameda politics have parallels to D.C.

The parallels between the Trump impeachment process that focuses his “perfect call” to the Ukraine and the Malia Vella and Jim Oddie fire chief influence scandal are odious.

Was it “a perfect meeting” between Vella, Oddie and former City Manager Jill Keimach? Backers of these two Councilmembers would have us believe so.

Red-hat MAGA supporters would have us believe there was nothing wrong with Trump’s phone call, and his effort to — let’s call it what it was — extort personal favors from the president of Ukraine. Vella’s and Oddie’s supporters don’t dispute the meeting with Keimach, and the reports don’t mean what they obviously meant.

Trump has corrupted the highest office in the country; two local Councilmembers attempted to corrupt the highest executive office in our community. Let us remember these corrupt acts and vote out corruption — at both the local and federal levels — on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

David Howard