Adopt-a-Bed update

The women and children at the Midway Shelter for abused woman and children would like to thank the individuals and groups who contributed to the shelter in December. Several generous people and groups donated money several times last month. One donor chose to remain anonymous. 

The shelter would like to thank Gaby Dolphin & Alan Pryor, the Pipkin-McGrath family, Nancy Issel-Mayes, Judy Hom & Winston Fong as well as Chapter UN, P.E.O. Hats are also off to: Virginia Krutilek, Tomorr Haxhimali, Jay Dawson, Gayle Thomas, Paul & Lauren Picciani and Anne McKereghan. Jackie Macmillan donated in December to honor 100-year-young Virginia Crinnion. Marilyn Wong & sons also gave in memory of Alan Thompson.

Lance & Sandra Russum gave generously to the shelter in memory of: Janet Trezos, Lois Rhodes, Goldie Grover, Rvrlyn Niederbrach, Lynne Madigan, Kenneth Roloff, Wes Tamborsky and Grace Adams.  St. Joseph Basilica and First Congregational Church UCC donated last month as well.

The shelter couldn’t survive without help from generous donors like: Rock Wall Wine Co, Inc., Ann North, Kaye Fitzsimons and Hewitt, Jones & Fitch. Igor Liskovets & Bianca Ling donated in December, as did Denine Keltner, Elaine Farge, Jessica Kennedy, Joan Harris, Louise Oram and Sheila & Thomas Lewellyn. 

Thanks are also due to: Rich & Susan Sherratt, Ulrich & Ursula Greczmiel, Kathleen & Glenn Henderson, Jeannie Graham and Beverly Moore. Felice Zensuis donated generously in December, as did: Ann Luois Champion, Iris Watson and the Girl Scouts of Northern California Troop 30691. 

The women and children would like to thank Sally Rix, James & Marilyn Tham, Audrey Aljoe, Richard & Susan Osanna, Regina Panzarino-Dimig and Mary Buck. Walter & Cynthia Grady sent the shelter a donation. They were joined by Marilyn Bray, Kevin Kennedy, Robert & Heidi Larsen and Carol & Norman Moore.

Jean Smith-Castle and Mary Lou Kurtz donated to the shelter in December, as did Nadine Barbera, Molly Brownson, Mark & Kay Fraser and Antoinette Lajoie. John & Andrea Medulan sent the shelter a donation. Helen Kauth-Pedersen, Chee Hsieh & Yi Yang, Peggy Nise & David Barkley and Barbara Anderson also donated last month.  

Marion Abdullah, Juanita Blair and Judy Broughton sent a check in December. Lois Pryor, Shirley & Richard Sutherland, Donald Kelley & Susan Getman, Marian Williams, Dianne Richmond and Mary Lou also gave generously to the shelter. Dorron Dessling, Tina & Bob Kreitz, John & Patty Jacobs, Constance & Lon Harvey, Ann & Bob Kenyon, Jeff & Thresa Rude and Renee Sheehan were all among December’s donors to the shelter. 

If you’d like to help the women and children at Midway, and see your name among January’s donors, send a check to: Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more, call 357-0205, Ext. 206 or visit


Ginny Krutilek