End ‘witch hunt’ against China

It was good to read Robert Pon’s commentary (“Chinese-American Veterans Can Receive Gold Medal,” Dec. 26). We must not forget the defense of America by Chinese-Americans. We should also remember the critical role China played in World War II, not only in support of the Doolittle Raiders, but also in tying down the Japanese on the Asian mainland. I find this particularly important at a time when who I think are some of our misdirected leaders in both parties try to rev up a new cold war and portray China as our new enemy. 

In my opinion, FBI Director Christopher Wray is one of the worst, trying to set up an intimidating surveillance operation against all Chinese students in America. He allegedly forced long-standing, American citizen cancer researchers at Texas Medical Center and Emory University out of their leading positions. He accused them of being spies. I have found most Americans know very little about the history of friendly U.S.-China relations. 

President Abraham Lincoln’s ambassador to China, Anson Burlingame, for whom the city across the bay is named, was loved by the Chinese. He helped them develop industry and defend against their British occupiers. They made him their ambassador to the U.S. and Europe. 

Sun Yat-sen, the first president of The Republic of China, studied with missionaries in Hawaii and was inspired by Lincoln’s ideas of government and economy. I would hope this tradition of friendship can be restored. I do believe that President Trump, despite some tough talk, has refrained from the confrontationist approach of many others.


Hunter Cobb