Scholarships must be fairly won


In my high school years I learned that men’s legs are set in straight and women’s legs are set in crooked.

This gives men the advantage for strength and stability. High-rise construction workers and roofers are men because their footing is more secure.

Women, in turn, are prepared to carry and nurture babies until they are born. Weight is no problem because babies are weightless until birth. Any weight gain would be the mothers.

The real challenge is space to make room for baby women’s legs, which are set in crooked. In ancient Greece women made a study to the weightlessness technique.

The famous “Nymphs Dancing in the Forest” was a famous exercise with flowing movements focusing in a small way on weightlessness. Men, in turn, showed amazing strength and stability.

in regard to scholarships, women need to compete against their own kind. New World superwomen should compete with other superwomen, otherwise with men who also have their legs set in straight.

— Justine Livingston