Pechenuk Parley

I commend Republican candidate for State Assembly, Mindy Pechenuk, for taking the time to express her views in the Sun (“Mindy Pechenuk Responds,” Sept. 11). However, she continues to mischaracterize Senate Bill (SB) 57, a drug overdose prevention program. Pechenuk implies that the intention, or effect, of programs like SB57 is to “enable legal access” to dangerous drugs and promote “drug culture.” Pechenuk should offer evidence to support her opposition to these programs.

Pechenuk blames our drug problems on a conspiracy of the Federal Reserve, the banks, and the globalists. According to Pechenuk, if Trump (and Steve Bannon) had built the Great Wall they promised, that would have been an “excellent beginning.” The US has had a drug culture since before its founding; alcohol and tobacco are bigger problems. Even if the Federal Reserve filled my bathtub with fentanyl, I wouldn’t use it. I thought Republicans were all about personal responsibility and “Just Say No.”

Most confusingly, Pechenuk claims “there never was a War on Drugs,” denying the history she has witnessed in her own lifetime. The War on Drugs has been ongoing since the 1970s. Pechenuk even provides an example of our failed War on Drugs: “There was a nasty mass incarceration of low-level street drug-dealers.”

I’ll conclude with this, West Virginia, a conservative, Republican state, has four times the drug overdose rate of California. Kentucky — Mitch McConnell’s state — has more than twice the death rate of California. It looks like Republicans haven’t figured out how to beat the conspirators either.

— Steven Mason