Alameda Food Bank needs our help

I have had the pleasure to be a volunteer at the Alameda Food Bank (AFB) for the past five years. It has been a privilege to work at the AFB, especially when COVID hit in 2020. The AFB rose to the challenge and the extraordinary efforts and changes made to accommodate the increased demand was simply extraordinary.

Yet, the AFB is operating under increasingly challenging conditions. The Alameda Point warehouse serves as the sole facility for all AFB operations and is in poor condition. The dilapidated facility lacks heat, has countless leaks, electrical and lighting problems, insufficient Internet service to check in guests, and the parking lot and walkways are uneven, subject to flooding and during the winter, there is no lighting. I have had to walk some elderly clients to their cars with a flashlight because they are afraid of falling. Even with all of these problems, the volunteers and AFB staff continue to provide the best service.

The AFB is everything the City of Alameda stands for — compassion, generosity and kindness to others. The mayor, City Council and community leaders regularly highlight the Alameda Food Bank for the important service it provides to our community. During this holiday season, I ask that our community leaders commit to ensuring the Alameda Food Bank has a permanent, safe and respectful facility, so that it can continue to provide food security to everyone who needs it, including our children and seniors.

— Karen Greaves

Editor’s note: To donate to the Alameda Food Bank, visit