Recent graffiti needs to be addressed

Alameda Community:
We, the members of the Alameda All Faiths Coalition (AAFC), have learned of the anti-Jewish and anti-Black graffiti at Alameda High School. The many faith communities represented in the AAFC share the conviction that all individuals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and be offered the opportunity to live, learn, and interact in an environment free from prejudice, discrimination and harmful speech. Therefore, we must challenge anti-Jewish and anti-Black bias in all forms.

We respectfully encourage the AUSD Superintendent to take a strategic, intentional, and District-wide approach to addressing the concerns raised by the presence of the graffiti. We desire that each AUSD school offers a safe environment in which all students can thrive and succeed.

We respectfully encourage everyone who lives or works in Alameda to reflect on the dignity of every human being. It is our hope that the motto of Alameda, “Everyone Belongs,” will be achieved as everyone works diligently and consciously to ensure that all members of our city feel safe, respected and valued.
We offer our support to the schools and city as we commit to confront hate, challenge bias, and live into our shared values within our spheres of influence.

— Alameda All Faiths Coalition

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter to Alameda High School, Board, the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Board, AUSD Superintendent Pasquale Scuderi, and all residents of Alameda.