Tip of the iceberg?


Politicians on every level have their dirty backgrounds: eponymous pictures on Twitter, a prostitution ring here, a stolen seat in congress there. Even local politicians have done a solid job of eroding the public’s belief in their willingness to do good.

Our city councilman Stewart Chen may not have done anything as a politician to establish the public’s distrust thus far, but he certainly hasn’t done anything to improve it by not disclosing his past fraud.

The whole situation begs the simple question I’m sure your readers have already thought of: if Chen covered up his shady past, what other shady dealings is he helping cover up behind closed doors at city hall?

Something tells me it’s just that kind of mindset that gets a politician elected these days. Those best able to manipulate public opinion — not those with actual problem-solving skills — get the reins of government.

A politician’s resume in today’s world includes blind adherance to party, putting the public last, a solid commitment to bilking the taxpayer and a skill set that includes secret-keeping and fraud.


— Coho Jerkins