Border wall solution


President Donald Trump keeps stating that he wants to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall that he promised would be his number-one priority when elected. He even threatened to shut down the government in a public speech recently if he didn’t get his way.

So, President Trump, let’s be real. Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. Most of the American people do not want their tax money to pay for it. After all, that money could be used to help the people suffering after Hurricane Harvey and to upgrade our much-needed nation-wide infrastructure.

So here is an idea.

You always tout that you are a multibillionaire and therefore you could pay for it. And being such an astute businessman, you could probably figure out a way to get a write-off on the cost. Then, you could name the wall after yourself as you do with all your properties.

Border wall problem solved!

— William Paul Hauser