We must demand honest government


I worked for the Alameda Unified School District for 34 years and served as a member of the leadership team of the teachers union. I found the events surrounding the hiring of the new city fire chief a marked contrast to what I experienced in this school district when a new school superintendent was hired.

Never in my time here did I witness such a dustup over the hiring process. First off, hiring a school superintendent was always the purview of the sitting superintendent and the school board. Our union stayed out this process. It wasn’t our responsibility or legal right to take on this task.

Furthermore, I never experienced a sense of entitlement of any of my classroom colleagues to seek the highest office in our school district.

In fact in all of my 34 years in this district I can recall only one superintendent coming from the ranks below. The remaining superintendents came from nearby or southern California districts.

California has been undergoing demographic changes in the past 30 years and I can only recall we welcomed new leadership to bring new ideas and perspectives to the profession.

I’ve been following this issue and it certainly appears the city manager used a fair process for securing a new fire chief for Alameda, So why the big backlash? Wasn’t she just doing what she was charged to do?

I welcome the city’s securing an outside law firm to investigate the charges and determine if there was a violation of the City Charter by Councilmembers.

I also commend the local press for covering this issue. Alameda residents deserve the facts and the truth and we definitely deserve an ethical and honest City Council.


Gretchen Lipow