No exceptions in housing shortage

I really have not spent a lot of time and research on this issue of housing that all of us are faced with here on the Island where we live. I usually get my information from the letters to the editor as well as articles written that appear in the Alameda Sun. In Helen Sause’s, recent letter (“Marina will address housing shortage,” June 21) she states “Last year the state legislature passed 15 laws to ensure cities, like Alameda, address its dire housing shortage.”

Is there no clause or stipulation for exceptions in these laws that cover extenuating circumstances, like in the case of an island city? The main part of this island city is approximately just six miles long and a mile and a half wide. And one of the most important issues is it has just two tunnels and four bridges connect it to the mainland! 

Therein lies one of our biggest problems. Getting on and off the Island. All of us know this when we are waiting in traffic to leave the Island, especially during rush hour!

It is our fault that our city officials of the past, and now, our current ones, are not doing all they can to cut back on all development, not end it, but cut it back. Our current officials must let Sacramento know that the number of units that are mandated in the “15 laws” are not practical for our Island City. We are not a typical “city.” Let’s face it, we are an “island.” 

Getting to and from an island is a concern that only islanders would understand. 

I just thought of something. They might be more interested in what the developers want!


Ward Simpson