Rebuttal to moving ‘Alameda off Stuck’

In her recent commentary (“Let’s Move Alameda off Stuck,” Aug. 23) Democratic Party activist Gaby Dolphin claims that our nation’s Democratic institutions are under assault from the Trump Administration. The commentary references alleged white supremacy, racism, xenophobia and, predictably, references Nazi Germany of the 1930s.

Even though her preferred candidate lost, our nation’s election apparatus works just fine as evidenced by President Donald Trump’s resounding victory of 306 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232. Trump’s victory wasn’t a result of white supremacy, racism or xenophobia but of his message of “Making America Great Again,” which struck a chord with the American people.

The Nazi Germany reference?  There was violence in the streets then just as there is now. But today’s violence is by the left protesting the results of a free and fair presidential election. If one wears a Trump shirt in the Bay Area that person is in actual physical danger. Witness the organized, violent assaults by leftist antifa rioters against Trump supporters and the First Amendment. 

In addition to the violence initiated by “tolerant” progressives, they have attempted to undermine our President’s efforts to keep America safe from foreign trespassers by declaring cities such as Alameda “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens and turning down federal grants that would benefit our community.

Progressive supporters of these sanctuary policies do so not out of their sanctimonious, contrived claims to protect illegals, but to thumb their noses at our President, legitimate elections results, lawful immigrants and American families (Angel Families) who have been victimized by illegal aliens.  

When George W. Bush beat Al Gore in the 2000 election there were Democratic Party lunatic conspiracy theories of a “stolen” election, protests and rioting in the streets. I thought then it could never get any worse but with the left’s reaction to Trump’s election it is apparent that I was wrong.  


Brian Kennedy