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The nightmare that is our City Council’s plan to turn one of the prettiest streets in our city into a hideous Tetris maze with no actual data or statistics to justify such a bad decision and absolute waste of money, is typical. Way to cave, Ezzy! Good job.

— Patti C.

The war stopped suddenly in Kherson. Russians left, forced out of the southern city of Kherson. A flicker of hope reigns in Kherson, even with no water, no power, barely any cell phone coverage, with food and medicine in short supply. A very cold winter looms around the corner. Russian’s parting gifts were destruction of key infrastructure and seeding deadly booby traps all over the city, promises the Russians return.

Civilians trapped in cold basements for eight months, just to be able to climb out of their prisons was a gift from God. This gift of a little happiness and hope with family and friends still alive from this merciless war, was wonderful.

Russians view this city from across the wide waters of the Dnieper River. The Russian occupiers escaped to the river’s eastern bank, leaving much of their equipment, they left suddenly in the face of the brave Ukrainian advance.

The fighting, of course, is far from over. But a little hope and happiness goes a long way for these people who want peace, the peace of a democracy.

Putin’s unwarranted attack on the Ukrainian people is an attack on the whole world and Democracy.

Editor’s note: Nancy Wilson is an Alameda Sun sales representative.

— Nancy Wilson

Alameda community:
It has been over one week since election night Nov. 8, 2022, and I think I can now express my appreciation to the people of Alameda for allowing me to return to City Council.

Thank you, Alameda, for the trust you have placed in me, and I will make sure to work very hard in an open and fair manner on your behalf.

I want to thank all my campaign volunteers, supporters and advisors, and funding contributors, for without your assistance, I could not get to this point.

Above all, thank you Alameda voters! Even those who did not vote for me, thank you for listening.

I want to take a moment to especially thank those who endorsed my campaign, such as the East Bay Times (https://archive.ph/YPqUo), local PAC ‘A Better Alameda‘ (https://archive.ph/LOlij), the Bay East Association of Realtors, former Alameda Police Chief Burny Matthews, and former Alameda School Board Member Bob Reeves, who was also my principal when I attended elementary and middle school in Alameda decades ago.

I also want to say congratulations to Tracy Jensen on her election to City Council, as well express great appreciation to Hannah Groce, Paul Beusterien, and Jim Oddie for their engaging, hard-fought, positive, and spirited runs for City Council.

I also want to express congratulations to Mayor Marilyn Ezzy-Ashcraft on her re-election, and express appreciation to Councilmember Trish Herrera-Spencer for her spirited campaign.

Thank you, Alameda!

—Tony Daysog