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The media, following official testimony from local politicians and health bureaucrats, continues to tout the use of face masks by the population, ostensibly to protect from disease. We are finding now that scientific experiments designed to determine the efficacy of masks are showing that the masks are useless. 

All masks currently manufactured have been found to leak, both right through the fabric and also around the edges. Fabric masks especially, of the kind made at home or bought online, pass viruses through like a sieve. Virus particles are very small, so small in fact that they could not be isolated through filtration until special ultra-tight mesh filters were invented in the early 20th Century. 

A simple web search with the criteria “masks allow virus across fabric” yielded multiple hits. The lowest in leakage was the much-touted N95 mask that we have been told not to use. These must be reserved for health-care personnel, probably because they’re the only ones that actually work. N95 are recorded as allowing 1.6 percent of virus particles across the fabric, in keeping with its rating of 95 percent good, allowing a maximum of 5 percent to pass.

The paper, fabric, blue fabric, shaped paper — dust masks used in construction — and all other similar allow easy pass-through, and are further compromised by people’s inability to seal the masks around their faces. There have been many warnings from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about this. A CDC post warns men not to wear masks if they have beards. The CDC for now has stopped short of requiring men to shave their beards under penalty of arrest.

Despite all of this we find that Alameda County is surprisingly free of coronavirus. With masks not working to contain the virus we must conclude that our people are not getting the disease because it simply does not exist in the county. For this we are dismantling our civilization?



— Steve Tabor

Editor’s note: Seems to us Alameda County’s numbers are so luckily low precisely because authorities took action early to declare and maintain its shelter-in-place order.

My new phrase is A P A R T together! That phrase appears to be an oxymoron but is not. As we continue to face an unprecedented and universal need to adapt to an ever-changing scenario, we show our togetherness by being apart. And thus we see how we are more together than ever.

Amidst fear and uncertainty, we can still hear songbirds like the yellow finch singing its heart out on the wire. And the shimmery hummingbird hovering over purple sage. The baby blue jay calling out to its mother. Right now, the lilacs, my favorite flower scent, are blooming. On my daily walks I visit lilac bushes all over Alameda. Also blooming are the double-delight roses, whose scent is absolutely intoxicating. 

To be able to take in the beauty, the reassurance, the joy of the natural world, we need to calm ourselves. 

V-xxoo (Virtual hugs and kisses).


— Cathy Dana Alameda Poet Laureate

Old Mother Hubbard went to her cubbard, To get a roll of t.p.
But there was none there,
Not even a square,
So her legs are now crossed at the knee!


— Susie Hagemann