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On October 23, a very special Alamedan was in the stands at the 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game: Ginny Krutilek! The team’s “Frontline Hero of the Game” celebrates community members who go above and beyond to provide essential care and services for others. The In-Stadium Host introduced Ginny and her work as she waved to the crowd on the videoboard.

Ginny is a founding member of the Alameda Homeless Network, a 35-year-old volunteer group that exists to support the Midway Shelter.

A lifelong Alameda resident, Ginny is as active as ever, ensuring that Midway’s services remain whole. She does so because of her dedication to helping shelter residents enjoy a welcoming and life-changing environment. Her boundless energy and lifetime of dedicated service is a huge inspiration to all who know her. All of Midway’s adult residents have been homeless and seven out of ten have experienced domestic violence. Half of Midway’s residents are children.

To support Midway Shelter, visit https://midwayshelter.org/. The Alameda Homeless Network’s next fundraiser is the Midway Shelter 5k Run/Walk. The event is set for Saturday, Dec. 3 at 9 a.m. sharp. Ginny will be in attendance! For information or to register, visit https://runsignup.com/Race/CA/Alameda/MidwayShelterWinter5kRunWalk.

— Sandra K. Schnieder

I’m submitting this letter in support of the reelection of Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft.

Alameda just went through an extremely challenging 2.5 years because of (*gestures wildly at everything that happened from 2020 to 2022*). Ashcraft demonstrated calm and fact-based leadership, communicated clear and consistent messages to the people of Alameda, helped run a competent city government response to the challenges of the pandemic, and avoided the out-of-touch politics and actions of Alameda’s more extreme Left and Right.
I like when politicians do a good, boring, undramatic job. I like when politicians aren’t doctrinaire in one direction or the other. I like when politicians don’t 100% agree with the opinions of their natural constituencies. (I even like when a politician doesn’t 100% agree with my opinions. Convince me I’m wrong! This is good!)

Alameda voters should reward the basic competence and thoughtful governance of the last four years, performed under extremely challenging conditions. Vote for Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft.

— Scott Weitze

Councilmember John Knox White led the charge that there is systemic racism within the Alameda Police Department (APD). In June 2020, he led a town hall forum of 500 people about Alameda police. Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft participated and lent her support to this gathering. Five more cops are leaving Alameda this month. TWENTY-SEVEN cops have left the APD. Not a single lateral transfer in the last year. The city manager and the assistant city manager have left Alameda. Former Alameda Police Chief Paul Rolleri retired early rather than deal with this City Council. Multiple shootouts on Park Street. This has happened under Mayor Ashcroft’s tenure. Crime has risen and we do not have enough cops to protect Alameda from crime. Alameda needs a new mayor and City Council that is supportive of the police.

— Eric Smiler