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Old Mother Hubbard went to her cubbard, To get a roll of t.p.
But there was none there,
Not even a square,
So her legs are now crossed at the knee!


— Susie Hagemann

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter.

Dear Alameda Community:
Whether you read them or not, community newspapers are vital to inform, promote local events and activities, and later provide a historical resource. As the digital age has come on, many community papers have fallen. COVID-19 is putting our Alameda Sun in more dire straits.
Maybe you’ve noticed you haven’t received one, but it is still being printed for subscribers. They can use more subscribers. Please mail a donation or $25 subscription to 3215J Encinal Ave., Alameda CA 94501. I’ve got no skin in this other than being a subscriber and a fan.


— Kimberlee MacVicar

Please accept this small donation as a token of gratitude for all the good work(s) you have done over the years.

These are challenging times for all of us, yet you manage to report and deliver! Amazing work, amazing people! Venceremos!

All the best to the Sun.



— Jem Gruber

Editor’s note: We had to look that one up. Venceremos is a Spanish and Portuguese word meaning “we will overcome” or “we will win.” The word can also refer to: Venceremos, a battle cry and the name of a few republican newspapers during the Spanish Civil War.