Amblin’ Alameda A New Game

Dec 09,2021

As an integral part of my geezerhood status I am learning a new game: Waiting for Test Results. The rules are simple, one goes to a medical facility, gives blood, or urine or both, gets into a machine that gurgles and crackles or undergoes some other ritual of modern medicine.

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May 05,2021

Last week’s story “Island Chalk Artist Breaks Own Record,” April 29, contained incorrect information. Artist Mark Wagner just set a new record for largest chalk art by a single artist. He set a record in 2008 for largest chalk street-art by multiple artists: about 6,000 kids and adults.

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Elder Abuse Makes You into a Total Loser

Apr 01,2021

The Alameda Sun joins the chorus of voices that decry recent hate crimes. The completely uncalled for behavior of injuring frail, elderly people shows these perpetrators missed some lessons in basic human decency.

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On Teenage Depression

Dec 17,2020

Most people are experiencing some degree of depression during the pandemic, but it is higher in teenagers. Not being in school, around friends, no extracurricular activities, no socializing and spending more time on social media and video games are taking a toll.

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