Open Letter to an Alameda Daughter

Dec 08,2016


I’m sending you a copy of the enclosed letter in hopes that you will print it in the newspaper to hopefully try to calm the people down and stop the riots.

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Residents React to Hit-Piece Election Mailers

Dec 01,2016


As Alameda residents, we were appalled by the volume of “hit-piece” mailers we received concerning our recent local election. In particular we were shocked by the number of misleading attack mailers targeting Councilmember Tony Daysog in his bid for reelection.

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Author Pens Letter to 13-Year-Old Daughter

Dec 01,2016


To my daughter:
I remember the day we brought you to America, after adopting you from an orphanage in Russia, like it was yesterday. You were so full of excitement and anticipation about coming to your new home, and the better life you were about to begin. 

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Photo by Robin Seeley  Leila, Roan and Enzo display their Thanksgiving bounty: colorful candy turkeys with potatoes that they mashed themselves.

Academy Kids Gobble Up Gratitude for Thanksgiving

Nov 24,2016


This month the Culinary Academy of Post Street made edible effigies of turkeys together with the traditional turkey-sidekick, mashed potatoes with gravy. That got the kids wondering why we always celebrate Thanksgiving with the same meal. What’s the scoop?

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