City Must Stimulate Affordable Housing

May 07,2015

Rising rents, housing prices and evictions throughout Alameda and the Bay area illustrate Paul Foreman’s point (“Rethink affordable housing in Alameda,” March 26) that “we have a long way to go to meet the affordable housing goal” the State set in Alameda’s 2015-2023 housing element.

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Truth, Accountability in Alameda Government

Apr 24,2015

“The comedy of #Alameda elected officials downplaying great economic news because it undercuts austerity plans is very evident [at the April 16 Special City Council Meeting on the budget,]" the East Bay Citizen’s Steve Tavares, tweeted that evening.

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In Support of Alameda’s Neighborhood Schools

Feb 26,2015

We can make any school in Alameda good. Why not our local school?

I will be sending my second child through our neighborhood school: Will C. Wood Middle School because I believe in supporting my neighborhood school.

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Selection Process Saddens Candidate

Feb 19,2015

Although I congratulate Philip Hu in winning the school board seat, the first time since moving to this magnificent island on May 15, 2009, I felt embarrassed to be an Alamedan.

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Tell the Truth about Harbor Bay Club

Jul 10,2014

Ron Cowan’s Harbor Bay Isle Associates (HBIA) continues its push to move the Harbor Bay Club. The association’s recent campaign at City Hall implies that Harbor Bay Neighbors (HBN) opposes the building of a new Harbor Bay Club. However, HBN is on record as supporting a new club. 

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Building Walls Versus Building Bridges

Jul 10,2014

Some 15 years ago when I moved to this town, I heard about this mythical effort preservationists had undertaken in the 1970s to prevent the widespread building of “motel-style apartments” where gorgeous Victorian-era mansions once stood. 

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On Forgetting a Very Important Anniversary

Jul 03,2014

June 30 is the anniversary of my automobile accident in upstate New York. At 11:20 p.m., on June 30, 1978, my life changed forever. 

Each year since then I’ve wondered if June 30 would go by without my noticing.

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