Health Matters

Shaily Gupta &nbsp&nbsp Members of Mastick Senior Center’s drawing and painting classes opened an exhibition of their works at Calyx Health last week. The public is invited to view the works during the clinic’s regular office hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Art Meets Medicine

Dec 20,2018

Calyx Health is not a typical doctor’s office. Along with a refreshing clinic atmosphere, modern finishes and nostalgic decor of historic Alameda, patients can now enjoy art by other seniors in the community. 

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Two Ways to Get Medicare

Oct 18,2018

At a family reunion, my Aunt Abby and Uncle Glen got into a squabble over the best way to get their Medicare benefits. Uncle Glen is an Original Medicare man, and has been for a decade or so.

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On Blaming Ourselves

Oct 18,2018


The topic of sexual abuse surfaced in a major way more than a year ago. We have been made aware of abuse to children in churches and to people in the performing arts. Many famous names surfaced as both perpetrators and victims. People accused of abuse lost their work positions. 

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Courtesy photos &nbsp&nbsp This caterpillar will one day transform into the monarch butterfly.

How to Build Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Tiny Garden Spaces

Oct 11,2018

Sadly, the monarch butterfly population is declining. One of the primary reasons is the loss of open space where the monarchs’ host plants, milkweeds, grow. Alameda gardeners can help increase the monarchs’ numbers by building habitats in even the smallest of yards.

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Therapy Only Works When Patients are Motivated

Sep 20,2018


Seeking professional help is not for everyone. When a client comes to my office, I ask them to fill out a couple of forms. One asks for basic data. The other is a consent form. A client, or parent, must sign that they are agreeing to therapy and are there of their own choosing. 

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