‘Everyone Belongs Here’ Contest Winners Named

The winning poster in the Everyone Belongs Here Poetry and Poster Contest (above)was designed by Britney Chau, a ninth grader at Encinal High School

‘Everyone Belongs Here’ Contest Winners Named

The Everyone Belongs Here Poem and Poster Contest theme this year was how everyone still belongs here and belongs together, but how everyone needs to adapt to show unity. The winning poem and poster appear here. 

Thirteen in Quarantine

Peyton Y. Cheung
43 days of SIP
43 days of going crazy
43 days of driving my parents and brother insane,
43 days of dying of boredom

The noisy streets now barren
The sound of laughter almost extinct
The happy faces start to turn lifeless, However,
Dark polluted skies disappearing,
Clear skies taking its place.
Animals coming out of hiding places

Missing friends that make me laugh,
Missing teachers that give me heaps of work,
Missing my crush that makes me happy even though we can text,
Missing getting into small trouble with friends for stupid decisions

About three months of being thirteen being wasted,
Half of seventh grade gone,
Half a year of not being able to have sleepovers,
Half a year of not being able to go shopping, 
More time with my brother before he’s off to college
Quality time with my dad,
Getting to know more people that I usually do not talk to,
And getting a chance to organize my messy room

Healthcare workers putting themselves in danger for citizens all over,
Doctors and scientists working their butts off to find a cure
People dying, crying, mourning, and suffering
Expecting mothers fearing about their almost or newborn

Hoping that you won’t get a call saying,
“Your family member is dead, they died from Covid-19,”
Hoping to not have to go to a funeral,

6 feet apart at all times,
Reminds me of the movie 5 Feet Apart
Hanging out with friends is a relief yet nightmare,
No long hugs, no high-fiving, no sleepovers, and no piggybacking my friends

All these rules to follow,
All these new laws being made,
Having to abide by the government’s decision,
Is so hard

When all this is over, like the Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun”, “Here comes the sun. And I say. It’s all right. Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces…”  
Laughter will come back from almost extinction,
Smiles will come back on people’s faces, 
And streets will be full of life and happiness

Peyton Y. Cheung is a seventh grader at Lincoln Middle School.