10 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids

10 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids

Here’s a list of some fun ways to ring in the New Year as a family.

1) Toast to the new year with a tasty mocktail. Create a signature cocktail and mocktail for the kids. Give it a long and important sounding name and drink it in your fanciest glassware to toast the new year.

2) Watch an on-demand countdown. Netflix has special episodes of kids’ shows that feature a New Year’s Eve countdown that’ll have your kids fully believing it’s midnight.

3) Make a DIY balloon drop. All you need is balloons, an old tablecloth, tape, and long pieces of ribbon dislodge the tape. It’s a 20-minute job, but do it early in the day to help build anticipation.

4) Make it fancy. Send everyone to their closets to pick out the very fanciest clothes they own — parents included! Your night will feel special and fun if you get dolled up for it.

5) Have a dance party. Create a playlist that includes favorite grown-up and kids’ tracks. Turn off the lights and use glow sticks and flashlights to set the mood.

6) Set up a photo booth. Hit your local art supply store and buy a roll of craft paper as the backdrop for your photo booth — your kids can decorative it. Raid your house for silly props and hats or buy a pack of swizzle sticks and cut out moustaches to glue or tape onto the sticks.

7) Do a “favorites” night. Eat your family’s favorite meal and desserts, wear your favorite outfits, watch your favorite TV shows and read your favorite books.

8)Hang with the Brits. Livestream the countdown from London, England, and celebrate at 7 p.m. The kiddos won’t know the difference!

9) Play games (virtually) with friends. Search “minute to win it games” online and pick a few to try. Drop off supplies at friends’ houses, then Zoom with everyone while the kids play the games.

10) Try a late night. See if your kids can make it to 12 a.m. this year! Just set a rule: If you cry and get fussy, it means you’re ready for bed.