12-Year-Old Environmentalist Takes Action

12-Year-Old Environmentalist Takes Action

Global warming and pollution have become a very big conversation in society over the past few years. There have been new companies taking action toward making the planet a cleaner and safer place. These include the search engine Ecosia that plants trees with the ad revenue it receives from people’s searches.

Not only are companies taking action, so are people like 12-year-old Alameda resident, Leaife Wilson. As a middle-school student, he has found a strong passion for environmentalism. He has immersed himself in tons of research on environmentalism and has read many books such as World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky.

At his school, Wilson noticed vast amounts of trash left out during lunch. The trash had killed a number of birds that had consumed it. Aware of this, during  his lunchtime, Wilson picks up all the trash that is left outside to prevent any other birds from consuming the trash and harming themselves.

His determination toward a cleaner and safer planet is astounding. Wilson wishes to help spread awareness to his classmates and have more students join him in picking up trash, helping the environment and making the world a safer place for animals. He says, “Even if it makes a small difference, a difference is a difference.”


Editor’s note: Leila Khan is a high-school student in 10th grade. Along with the above article she wrote, “I felt very passionate about writing this short article on a friend of mine. Even at the young age of 12, he’s educated and immersed himself in information about global warming and pollution. The dedication he has to making the world a better place is so astounding that I thought he needed the recognition he deserves.”