AFD Fire Wire

AFD Fire Wire

Monday, June 2
Emergency medical responses:
12:46 a.m. Alameda Avenue; 12:07 p.m. Webster Street; 1:13 p.m. Sand Beach Road; 1:36 p.m. Third Street; 2:14 p.m. Central Avenue; 2:55 p.m. Willow Street; 4:09 p.m. Versailles Avenue; 6:24 p.m. Chapin Street; 6:25 p.m. Park Street; 7:14 p.m. Holly Street; 10:05 p.m. San Antonio Avenue; 10:28 p.m. Park Street; 11:32 p.m. Island Drive.

Fire responses: 7:25 a.m. 1100 block of West Tower Avenue, commercial fire alarm; 11:51 a.m. 3000 block of Fillmore Street, commercial fire alarm; 12:49 p.m. 2600 block of Barbers Point Road, report of an electrical short causing smoke. Firefighters arrived and confirmed there was no active fire. They turned off the power and inspected the wall to confirm that there was no hidden fire. Crewmembers advised resident to have an electrician inspect the area and make necessary repairs.  1:25 p.m. 3000 block of Fillmore Street, commercial fire alarm; 4:49 p.m. 1200 block of Hawthorne Street, residential fire alarm. 

Tuesday, June 3
Emergency medical responses:
6:08 a.m. Park Street; 7:19 a.m. Waterton Street; 8:14 a.m. Lincoln Avenue; 12:59 p.m. Grand Street; 1:57 p.m. Fifth Street; 2:06 p.m. Willow Street; 2:08 p.m. Willow; 4:42 p.m. Central Avenue; 4:53 p.m. Versailles Avenue; 5:57 p.m. Taylor Avenue; 6:50 p.m. Marti Rae Court; 7:28 p.m. Willow; 9:27 p.m. Doolittle Drive; 9:46 p.m. Third Street.

Fire responses: 6:37 a.m. 1000 block of College Avenue, residential structure fire. Firefighters made an aggressive fire attack using pre-connected hose lines to extinguish the fire. They contained the fire to its area of origin. The cause is undetermined and under investigation. 8:37 p.m. 2200 block of Washington Court, residential fire alarm. 

Wednesday, June 4
Emergency medical responses:
4:50 a.m. Blanding Avenue; 11:45 a.m. Broadway; 12:34 p.m. Camden Road; 6:24 p.m. Willow Street; 8:29 p.m. Broadway.
Fire responses: 3:32 a.m. 1400 block of Ninth Street, residential fire alarm; 12:56 p.m. 700 block of Atlantic Avenue, apartment fire alarm; 11:39 p.m. Central Avenue, block number not given, report of a trash bin on fire. Crewmembers used a booster line to extinguish the isolated burning debris. The cause is suspicious.

Thursday, June 5
Emergency medical responses:
12 a.m. Atlantic Avenue; 4:15 a.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 8:14 a.m. Webster Street; 12:20 p.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 1:57 p.m. Webster; 2:33 p.m. Chestnut Street; 3:19 p.m. Marina Village Parkway; 3:53 p.m. Eagle Avenue; 7:10 p.m. Fir Avenue; 9:26 p.m. Kingfisher Avenue; 11:37 p.m. Pacific Avenue.

Fire responses: 12:58 p.m. Fillmore Street, block number not given, commercial fire alarm; 4:59 p.m. 400 block of Central Avenue, residential fire alarm.

Friday, June 6
Emergency medical responses:
1:09 a.m. Webster Street; 1:33 a.m. Briggs Avenue; 7:10 a.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 9:39 a.m. Stone Harbor; 9:49 a.m. Webster; 11:52 a.m. Willow Street; 11:57 a.m. South Shore Center; 3:10 p.m. Island Drive; 3:28 p.m. Corpus Christi Road; 3:46 p.m. Marina Village Parkway; 4:03 p.m. Webster; 5:52 p.m. Otis Drive; 8:38 p.m. Regent Street; 8:51 p.m. Parfait Lane.

Fire responses: 11:09 a.m. 1300 block of Marina Village Parkway; commercial fire alarm; 11:30 a.m. 400 block of Willow Street, commercial fire alarm; 12:51 p.m. 400 block of Grand Street, commercial fire alarm; 2:42 p.m. 400 block of Marshall Way, report of broken residential water line flooding residence. Crewmembers turned off the main water supply to the home and removed the standing water. They advised the homeowners to contact their insurance company. 

Saturday, June 7
Emergency medical responses:
1:42 a.m. Broadway; 1:57 a.m. Island Drive; 2:15 a.m. Island; 2:44 a.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 7:19 a.m. Tucker Avenue; 7:49 a.m. Main Street; 10:30 a.m. Santa Clara; 11:13 a.m. Lincoln Avenue; 11:34 a.m. Buena Vista Avenue; 12:46 p.m. Lincoln; 2:41 p.m. Willow Street; 3:36 p.m. Air Cargo Way in Oakland; 5:36 p.m. Atlantic Avenue; 5:49 p.m. Central Avenue; 6:12 p.m. Sandcreek Way; 7:03 p.m. Buena Vista; 8:48 p.m. Buena Vista; 10 p.m. Capella Lane.

Fire responses: 1:02 p.m. 900 block of Park Street, apartment fire alarm; 2:43 p.m. 400 block of Pacific Avenue, commercial fire alarm. 

Sunday, June 8
Emergency medical responses:
2:18 a.m. Blanding Avenue; 2:43 a.m. Pacific Avenue; 8:24 a.m. Fifth Street; 8:45 a.m. High Street; 12:24 p.m. Willow Street; 12:35 p.m. Stardust Place; 12:42 p.m. Broadway; 1:18 p.m. Blanding Avenue; 2:47 p.m. South Shore Center; 3:33 p.m. Santa Clara Avenue; 3:52 p.m. San Jose Avenue; 4:47 p.m. Central Avenue; 5:31 p.m. Blanding; 6:34 p.m. Encinal Avenue; 8:16 p.m. Encinal; 8:29 p.m. Island Drive; 9:22 p.m. Grand Street; 9:30 p.m. Liberty Avenue; 9:54 p.m. Park Street; 11:47 p.m. Sunset Road.

Fire responses: There were no fire responses on Sunday, June 8.