Alamedan Arrested, Arraigned

APD plays role in county robbery investigation

On Tuesday, Sept. 4, Alameda County District Attorney’s office arraigned seven alleged participants in a series of robberies of United Parcel Service and Federal Express drivers as the drivers delivered merchandise.

According to the DA, the alleged robberies — at least 61 of them — began on Dec. 6, 2018, and lasted until Aug. 21. Prosecutors allege the robbery crew rented vehicles and followed the delivery truck drivers as they were dropping off packages. The DA’s office stated that the alleged robbers rushed the drivers, grabbed boxes of merchandise and ran to their rented vehicles. 

“In some cases, force or fear was used in the crimes,” District Attorney Nancy O’Malley stated in the release announcing the arraignments.

Alameda Police Department (APD) was among the agencies that arrested the individuals involved. Among the men arrested and arraigned was Alameda resident Corneilus Ronnell Brown. Police also arrested Isaiah Langley in Lake Forest, Ill. The Oakland Raiders signed Langley in June and cut him from the roster last month. The Indianapolis Colts signed Langley, but waived him when they learned of his arrest. 

During the arrests, authorities confiscated six weapons — including an assault rifle — and other evidence. Four suspects remain at large.