Artists Help Alameda Celebrate Important Moment of Change

Conway, Bruce and Reigh’s art.

Artists Help Alameda Celebrate Important Moment of Change

Rhythmix Cultural Works and the City of Alameda presented Creating Our Future, a public art installation and virtual reception celebrating the renaming of Alameda’s park formerly known as Jackson Park.

Bringing the artist’s voice to the renaming of Alameda’s first park now known as Chochenyo, Rhythmix Cultural Works invited artist Stephen Bruce to curate a temporary art installation to replace the park’s signage during the renaming process. 

In this important moment of change, the installation brought together the work of six different African American artists, Stephen Bruce, Abi Mustapha, Andrea McCoy Harvey, Ashlei Reign, Tiffany Conway and Zoë Boston, to create a vision of our future.

City Councilmember John Knox White started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to acquire the artwork to donate it permanently to the City of Alameda.

Donating to this campaign will help commemorate the renaming process and support the artists who created this work through their effort to look at Alameda’s history, as well as the impacts of place-names on different parts of our community, and to realign how we present this space to reflect our community’s aspirations.