Ask Dr. Tim: ‘Can I Really Avoid Cancer?’

Ask Dr. Tim: ‘Can I Really Avoid Cancer?’

Cancer is like a weed. It can take more than 10 years for the first symptoms to sprout up. With early detection, patients have many more options to take advantage of advances in treatments. 

Conventional oncologists destroy the weed like RoundUp; they burn or poison it with medication, or they cut it out with surgery. This often only weakens the cancer in order to help the body overcome it. At times, this treatment is prudent and effective. But many doctors fail to treat the cause. 

Conventional medicine focuses on naming diseases, cancer included, based on geography or body location instead of the cause or mechanisms involved. 

One of the most common cancers in women is breast cancer. Merely being a female older than 50 is a risk factor for breast cancer. It doesn’t exclusively affect women either. Breast cancer is preventable — and prevention is the best cure — but it is important to ask why a disease has occurred to get lasting results. Only between five and 10 percent are due to genetic causes. 

President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer back in the 1970s, yet little progress has been made in terms of stemming the tide since then. Modern protocols have strayed from the 1931 Nobel Prize-winning findings that identified cancer cells do not survive on oxygen, instead using anaerobic fermentation of sugars and carbs.

It may surprise readers to note that the 2008-2009 President’s Cancer Panel found that overall just five percent of cancers are genetic. So what makes up the other 95 percent? Almost entirely lifestyle and environment — things that can be changed.

Because of this, more than 50 percent of cancer patients use a combined conventional and complementary approach focused much more on the why than the what. Since cancer is due to an imbalance in the system it is prudent to treat the system and not merely the symptoms.

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