ATM Skims Fairgoers


Residents who attended the Park Street Art & Wine Faire and used the ATM at Comerica Bank at 2416 Central Ave. may have had their cards skimmed and PIN numbers recorded.  In order to accomplish this, the alleged thieves placed a fake faceplate onto the ATM. The faceplate fit snugly into the ATM’s card slot. When unwitting customers slid their cards into the ATM, the faceplate with the counterfeit reader scanned and stored the information on the cards’ magnetic strips. 

But the thieves were not done there. They also needed the cards’ personal identification numbers (PIN). They placed a small camera so it had a clear view of the ATM’s keypad. That camera then recorded the customers entering their PINs.  

Fairgoers who used Comerica’s ATM on Central Avenue near Park Street over the weekend of July 28 and 29 should check their bank statements for signs of any fraudulent activity. APD has made no arrests in this skimming case.