AWCG Year Closes with Turkey Shoot

AWCG Year Closes with Turkey Shoot

The Alameda Women’s Golf Club (AWGC) played a Turkey Shoot event a week before Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 21, on the Jack Clark Course.  

In the tournament players were divided into teams of four. Each team was composed of two ladies with “low” handicaps and two ladies with “high” handicaps. Each team’s scorecard indicated one lady to be the designated golfer for that hole. Her net score was combined with the best net score of the other three golfers to determine the team score for the hole. 

The team of Tai Chewpanich, Holly Cromer, Shirley Lee and Peggy Marcenaro won the first flight with a net 135. Barbara Barton, Valerie Buschor, Judy Eng and Maggie Lindquist teamed up to shoot a net 147. The team of Janet Kirk, Lynn Kobatake, Kay Park and Jeanne Yip finished third in the flight with a net 151.

Ann Ching, Jean Cho, Kimiko Hyioshi and Jamie Totsubo-Hamono teamed up to win the second flight with a net 133. Louise Eilhardt, Bobbie Hoepner, Sarah Valentine and Alice Wong took second place with a net 142. The squad of Lynette Mladinich, Pat O’Hara, Janet Rhee and Cyndy Withrow finished third with a net 146.

Sandi Kaney, Beatrice Lebrec, Claudia Leed and Siv Richards banded together to win the fourth flight with a net 134. Vivian Kang, Sonia Kwak, Jane Sullwold and Susan Yoon shot a net 140 to finish in second place in the flight. The team of Bev Blatt, Pam Curtis, Barbara Mehan and Dot Moody finished third with a net 140.

Forty-four players competed in the event, the last AWGC tournament of the 2019 season. The next AWGC tournament will take place Jan. 2, 2020.