CIF Releases No Plan for Spring Season

CIF Releases No Plan for Spring Season

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) chose not to decide on the future of the California high-school spring sports season at its annual spring meeting on March 17. This postponement impacts all California schools under CIF jurisdiction, including all three Alameda high schools. 

The CIF felt it was too early in the process to cancel the entire season at the meeting.

“While the time may come when we have to cancel post-season events, today is not that day,” wrote CIF Executive Director Ron Nocetti. 

It was believed that a decision whether to reschedule or cancel the season would be made at the meeting. The federation instead will wait until an April 3 meeting to reassess the fate of the spring season. 

“In anticipation of further guidance and directives issued by federal, state and local government agencies regarding COVID-19, the CIF has not determined the future of spring sports events at this time and intends to reconvene with the 10 section commissioners on April 3 to revisit this issue,” wrote Nocetti. It is not certain that a final decision will be made at the meeting.

The CIF executive board and the 10 section commissioners held the meeting via teleconference. At the meeting the federation told the commissioners to continue to speak with schools and school districts to keep them informed and to continue to monitor the situation for further updates. 

“Until that time, sections will continue to confer with their local leadership and the State CIF will continue to monitor any directives and recommendations issued from the above entities,” wrote Nocetti. “The CIF will continue to work with our schools and school districts with the health and well-being of student-athletes and school communities as our priority.”

Alameda high schools compete in the North Coast Section (NCS). The NCS commissioner is Pat Cruickshank. He has served in that post since the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Baseball, softball, men’s golf, men’s tennis, men’s volleyball, swimming and track-and-field are all impacted by the postponement. 

High school teams are not allowed practice while schools are closed; this includes practicing at alternative sites. Coaches are not allowed to coordinate, schedule, direct or plan team activities.

Student-athletes are also not allowed to compete in organized team competitions in the same sport for an outside club during the ban, according to CIF Rules, section 600. For example, a baseball player is not allowed to compete for a club baseball team during the postponement. 

All CIF organized sporting events have been put on an indefinite hiatus since March 12 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.