City’s Landlord Noticing Guide

City’s Landlord Noticing Guide


According to the city of Alameda Housing Authority’s website (, as of March 30, landlords are required to notify tenants of four items as defined in Section 6-58.20 of the city’s new Ordinance 3148. 

• Written notice that the rental unit is subject to the ordinance
• A copy of the ordinance
• A copy of the current city regulations relating to the ordinance
• A copy of the current information brochures on the ordinance. 

There are no city regulations in place or brochures published at this time, so landlords do not need provide these last two items at this time. Any future regulations or brochures will be posted on the website (not before May 1).

Detailed timing is set out in the ordinance. To address logistical constraints during the first month of the ordinance, landlords are expected to provide this notice to current tenants no later than April 30. For notice timing related to new move-ins after March 31, landlords should review the ordinance.

Landlords should have documentation showing that they provided written notice to the tenant, if required, in the future.

Landlords may provide either the full ordinance or the weblink to the ordinance unless the tenant requests a paper copy, in which case a paper copy must be provided. The entire process is still being discussed, but this information is currently online.