City, Schools Make Statements on Political Stances in New Regime

City, Schools Make Statements on Political Stances in New Regime


The City of Alameda and Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) released statements to ensure its residents and students that they will maintain providing an inclusive, a safe and secure environment after controversial executive order was signed by President Trump.

Superintendent Sean McPhetridge wrote AUSD’s statement. 

“I write today to assure you AUSD remains committed to upholding and safeguarding this vision — especially in these charged and uncertain political times,” the statement reads. 

The superintendent said he has received numerous emails from AUSD parents and staff members who were concerned for the safety and security of Alameda students and their parents who are foreign-born immigrants. 

McPhetridge reminded readers that AUSD’s board members approved the “Safe Haven Resolution.” It pledges to promote tolerance while taking a stand against hate speech. It also urges Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to not conduct immigration enforcement activity at any school without permission by specific federal law enforcement officials unless exigent circumstances exist. 

The city’s press release also reassured residents that Alameda is determined to make the city safe and inclusive.

“We want to assure Alameda residents that we are going to be vigilant in defending your rights,” wrote Sarah Henry, Alameda public information officer. “Our positive resolution reaffirms the City of Alameda’s commitment to LGBTQ rights, religious freedoms and racial, social and economic justice.”

The city pledged to become a “sanctuary city” at the Jan. 17 City Council Meeting (“Council Makes Island City a Sanctuary City,” Jan. 26.

President Trump signed an executive order on Friday, Jan. 27, that severely restricts immigrants traveling from seven Muslim countries and bars all Syrian refugees indefinitely. The order caused several protests at airports nationwide, including San Francisco International Airport.