Clinic Designed just for Seniors

Clinic Designed just for Seniors

Local Medicare office blends hospitality with healthcare

Most people have probably experienced this process at a doctor’s office: first, check in at reception. Sit down. Go back to reception to pick up forms. Sit down. Return the forms to reception. Sit down. Finally the doctor is ready, and you’re exhausted before the appointment has started.

For a senior (or anyone really), this can be a laborious experience. That’s why Calyx Health, a doctor’s office exclusively for Medicare seniors, hired world-class architects to design a clinic that blends hospitality with healthcare.

It starts from the moment a patient walks in — the space is modern, welcoming and fresh. When patients arrive, they are invited to take a seat, have a snack or refreshment, but most importantly — everything is brought to them. The process is streamlined using iPads with large fonts instead of endless forms that are redundant and difficult to read.

In addition to delivering a more personalized healthcare experience, Calyx designed its flagship clinic with seniors’ needs in mind. Conveniences for seniors include:

  • Location 250 feet from the Alameda shuttle stop to minimize the distance seniors have to travel 
  • Acoustic ceilings to reduce muffled echoes for patients with impaired hearing
  • Non-slip floors to reduce fall risk
  • Indirect lighting to cater to the needs of patients with cataracts 
  • In-house lab draws and testing to prevent an additional trip to Quest or LabCorp.

While it focuses on primary care, the team at Calyx Health offers services that would otherwise require a visit to a specialist or another facility. Whether it be meeting with a social worker, discussing Medicare insurance or using telemedicine to connect with a geriatric psychiatrist in another city, more of a patient’s care is in one location. Not only is this more convenient for patients, it also ensures better compliance; since once a patient is referred somewhere, there’s just a 50 percent chance they actually make it to that appointment. 

Calyx Health has taken everything patients don’t like about a traditional doctor’s office and replaced it with a space designed to foster health just by walking through the door. To take a tour of the office, attend the next event or be welcomed as a new patient in the practice, visit 


Calyx Health, a doctor’s office exclusively for Medicare seniors, is located in the Alameda South Shore Center above Trader Joe’s. To schedule an appointment, call 402-1471 or visit