Cowardly Anti-Cowan Writer Defaces Sun Office

Dennis Evanosky photograph. Sun staff arrived at the office in late November to discover this perfectly bisected copy of the Alameda Sun on the welcome mat and a printed note, with phrases highlighted, packing taped to the door.

Cowardly Anti-Cowan Writer Defaces Sun Office

Towards the end of November someone who obviously cares a lot about the content of the Alameda Sun, but not enough to identify themselves left an unpleasant letter and a ripped up newspaper behind. The Sun welcomes any and all opinions through our email address, via snail mail, or even via the website A drop box is also provided at our office for convenience in dropping off items.  

Using packing tape to affix letters to the Sun office door is not a preferred method of delivery. The writer apparently didn’t like the letters the community submitted in recent weeks and wrote the following:

“Something’s fishy in the weekly pro-Cowan letters that have oddly been allowed to run since the Planning Board meeting. Many of us have sent weekly opposing letters but not one’s been published which is unfair. These letters all seem to say the same things. Trust Cowan, what a “visionary” he was. (Expletive deleted.) He’s ruined Bay Farm. Everyone knows he threatened to sue the Planning Board like usual, just hours before the big meeting if he didn’t get his way. Has he threatened to sue you unless you publish all these ridiculous unchallenged letters besides the three-week (expletive deleted) Cowan borefest?”

In answer to these accusations, the Sun has chosen to print this unsigned letter and remind readers that all letters submitted are printed in the order received. If the Sun has received “opposing letters” they have been printed. Though if submitted in an uncivilized manner like this letter, other circumstances may have prevented them from being published.